Friday, May 30, 2008

Life, in the fight

Tonight is our local Relay for Life. I am helping out by being on a team called Mommies on a Mission. Our local relay is AWESOME! We are a community small in population, but we end up raising between 3-4 dollars per person for our county population, which is amazing.

I hope to get some pictures posted tomorrow. Let's beat cancer!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life, in photos

Here they are, pictures from our Disney trip and Memorial Day weekend. We have been super-busy since we have been back. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Life, playing catch-up

It has been over a month since I have posted. I guess that there is not a lot of stuff going on that is blog worthy day by day, so here is a lump post.

My grandma is currently in a rehab nursing home (not that kind of rehab...). She has had both hips replaced in the course of her lifetime and one has completely failed her. She is doing physical therapy and occupational therapy to help strengthen her muscles and get her up and around again as best as possible. It is tough to be 90!

We have been doing some travelling recently. We went up north to Lynnwood in mid-April for the Newsboys concert, which was awesome. We also had a chance to visit the Seattle Aquarium with The Boy. Interestingly though, the night before the Aquarium visit, we had 7 inches of snow. Totally crazy! The power went out and we had the chance to play some good ol' fashioned Skip-Bo.

Last weekend, we went to The Dalles for a memorial service for John's grandma. They were never close in his lifetime, which is sad to both he and myself. We went to be with his mom for emotional support, and also to visit with Crystal, his sister. She has not seen The Boy since the day after his birth. My, how time flies.

We are headed out on Friday for vacation. Woo Hoo! Disneyland, here we come! We have some fun things planned while we are there and I am really looking forward to not cooking, swimming, warm weather (hopefully) and a great time with my family.

I hope everyone out there in blogland is doing well!

God Bless!